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May 6, 2013

I was never treated as bad as in the morning after the birth of my child :

Switzerland Richterswil:

The midwife in the morning came in and bullied me. In the midst of unfriendly treatment, she came, snapped my underwear and tore them down murmuring something like as she would have to wash me. I saw her head down there very close to my body. A person, who is quarreling with one, could at no other place tear down ones trousers.  She forced me to the toilet with her. I lost consciousness and my body started to defend himself beating her. She wanted me to use a pot and immediately after came in again and left the door wide open. At the end she put me in a wheel chair, and I was wearing nothing but ridiculous net trousers. She did not give me any time to cover myself.

To prevent that, I informed the doctor about what she did, she already told the doctor, that I would not care enough about my baby.

Neither my partner nor me where able to restore our integrity at this place.

This is just an excerpt.

When my births are passed, I will help to protect mothers from abuse in hospitals.


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